classic hard-cover, fully customizable, lay-flat desgin

The Fine Art Album is a beautiful handmade heirloom piece. This album line features lay-flat binding and fine art printed spreads with customizable paper options.

  • Giclee “Museum Grade” Fine Art Spreads. Printed Using Fine Papers & Pigment Inks
  • SLIM Page Core in White.
  • Lay flat “Flush Mount” Binding. Seamless Spreads (No Gaps)
  • Spread Count: Between 10 – 50 Spreads
  • Included Covers: Eco Leather , Linen, Sakura Cotton, Japanese Silk & Buckram
  • Upgrade Covers: Eco Suede, French Velvet & Genuine Leather
  • Cover Imprinting Available


The advantage of fine art giclee prints is their incredibly sharp, wide vivid color gamut and accurate color reproduction. Giclee prints are printed using a wide-format printer and high-quality inks, which allow for greater detail and sharpness than other printing methods.

Giclee prints also have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to fading than other printing methods.


8×8 | 8×10 |10×8 | 10×10 | 9×12 | 12×9 | 12×12 | 11×14 | 14×11

Thin Page : Minimum 10 spreads | Maximum 50 spreads

Thicker Page : Minimum 10 spreads | Maximum 35 spreads

Hand Torn Page : Minimum 10 spreads | Maximum 35 spreads

Additional spreads - starting at $40ea


Vellum title page

set the tone with an intro page, embellished with your names or logo

+ $25

custom box

protect one or more albums from dust and wear with a single or collection box

+$120 and up

foil embossing

add a touch of 24k gold to your cover or spine details

+ $30 and up

hand-torn edges

create a softer feel to your finished product

+ $12 and up