Hi, I'm Audrey.

I'm a Philly-based creative who prefers taking photos to writing stories, but I'll do my best.

As the youngest in my family, I think I was predisposed to be an observer. I grew up in rural South Jersey, where I learned as much as possible by witnessing those around me. As a teenager, I found my voice in photography, creating defiant (and admittedly overly-dramatic) portraits of myself and my friends. Some of those early works, though crude in execution, were the most honest expressions that I'd been able to produce, and I decided to lean in to this new medium.

I create from a photojournalistic perspective. It is my goal to tell stories beautifully, and allow my clients to see themselves and each other, truly. Photography is a framing of the artistic perspectives that exist around us- in both big and small moments. It has been my absolute joy to train my eye in capturing those moments.

If my art speaks to you, please reach out and say hello.

photo by Joy Masi

Olive Eye Photography

I got my hands on a Canon Rebel in 2008, and I'm grateful every day for that.

My excitement and curiosity led me to develop artistically, and eventually, professionally. My first years assisting wedding photographers taught me the logistics, best practices, bad practices, and the huge array of choices that lay before me as an artist. I gained experience under various studios and lead photographers while I worked my way through school, earning my bachelor's in marketing. In 2016, I launched Olive Eye Photography- the culmination of years of practice, artistic fine-tuning, and explorative expression.

Olive Eye Photography is simply your story through my eyes- whether that means documenting once in a lifetime moments, or the everyday moments that make up life.

I believe these moments should be cherished, and it's my honor to capture them for you.



“Choosing Audrey as our wedding photographer was easily one of the best decisions we made about our big day. From the start, her professionalism and experience helped to make the entire process incredibly enjoyable... On our wedding day, she worked diligently to make sure she captured all of the most special moments. The quality of the work we have received has been outstanding. I would highly recommend Olive Eye Photography to anyone looking for a photographer for a big event and especially for a wedding!”